Our Commitment To Quality

When Kentwood began manufacturing hardwood flooring in 2003, we had a very clear vision of the kind of product we wanted to make and what we wanted the Kentwood name to stand for.  In a word: quality.

Producing products of consistently superior quality is more than a matter of company pride.  We believe it is also both environmentally responsible and economically sensible.

Environmentally responsible, because making products that last is one way we show respect for the value of the natural resources we use.  A well-made wood floor can and should last a lifetime.

It also makes good business sense.  A dependably well made product makes for satisfied customers, which is the best advertising a company can have.

Accordingly we have evolved a company-wide culture that is focused intensely on product quality.  It involves hundreds of small procedures and practices, many of which far exceed ‘industry standards’.  The result is a reputation for quality that is among the best in the business.  That is what you, as a customer, should expect from a Kentwood floor.  And that is what we, as a company, will continue to deliver.