Kentwood Collection

Angled view of the Cazador floor from the Bohemia collection from Kentwood Collection. On the floor are several brown bowls and decorative plants.

Kentwood Collection

Sought-after on-trend and timeless styles

Leading-edge Design & Performance

Elevate almost any interior space with engineered hardwood floors from the Kentwood Collection. Choose from an array of wood species, on-trend and classic colors, board lengths and widths, artisanal finishes, and custom surface treatments. With seemingly endless flooring options, finding an engineered hardwood floor to complement your space will feel effortless.

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Top-down view of the Kentwood Collection Floor Brushed Oak Ibis. Various plates and bowls are artfully placed in an array in the middle of the photo.

Photo of a Kentwood Collection floor in a real-world setting.

Design Features

Floors from the Kentwood collection are created from premium-quality genuine hardwood veneers coated with a polyurethane finish with aluminum oxide married to plywood strip or solid wood cores with precision-milled tongue-and-groove joints. This engineered construction fuses hardwood's natural beauty with a stable, durable platform suitable for installation on, above, or below grade.

couture features


Suited to many applications, floors from the Kentwood Collection add warmth and richness to residential, multi-family, and commercial spaces of all sizes. The engineered hardwood floor planks are available in wide and extra-wide widths for a dramatic straight-lay look or in shorter planks for an elegant herringbone installation.

Photo of a Kentwood Collection floor in a real-world setting.