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Therapy by Kentwood

Complete Care For Your Kentwood Floor

The Therapy Floor Care system was developed especially for Kentwood to provide an effective and easy to use cleaning solution for all Kentwood polyurethane finished floors. The  Therapy system includes:

Ready to use high performance Spray Cleanser cleaning solution  • Neutral pH for safe, effective cleaning  •  Easy to use, no rinsing required  •  Quick drying, will not leave streaks or residue  •  No artificial color or fragrance  •  Eco-friendly, manufactured to the highest environmental standards  •  Specially formulated for use on all polyurethane finished hardwood floors. May also be used on Laminate, Luxury Vinyl and Vinyl Composite Core flooring  •  High performance aluminum mop with telescoping handle and rotating head and removeable microfiber cleaning pad  •  Cleanser concentrate for easy refill of cleanser bottle

The Therapy by Kentwood floor care system is also perfect for use with Evoke and Abode floors too.  Therapy is not for use on floors with Natural Oil or Hard Wax Oil finishes.

Starter Kit
Spray Cleanser
Cleanser Concentrate
Cleanser Bundle
Replacement Mop Pad

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